Site Grand Opening!

30 06 2009

This site is mainly going under construction so stay tuned for club penguin cheats cause they are coming back so stay tuned and there will be loads of updates!

stay tuned for more updates

You are allowed to comment here so post a comment as long as you like and stay tuned for more updates!

Maybe the construction will end in somewere in July so you dont need to even ask!

Waddle on!



Moving this blog to a new blog!

8 06 2009

Hey guys!

I am not quitting blogging yet cause im bored so i will be creating a new site and creating a new wordpress account!

So i will be telling you by tommorow so now this post is still going under construction and i will decide when i have the new site!

Uffcourse it will be better there on that site! So dont be silly and dont waste your time! I am gonna be creating a new site today and tell it tommorow so thats all with the updates!

I wont apcept comments anymore on this cause remember, this is an inactive site!

Waddle on!


Blog has been closed!

5 06 2009

Ok this blog has been closed cause this is an inactive site so thats why this site looks a little strange!

There is no way your gonna put this blog back to normal cause this is an inactive site!

I will still be on youtube but not be making club penguin videos anymore! I ussualy be making youtube poops!

I will be still be on Club Penguin to have fun but not everyday!

And i will be creating a new youtube soon for club penguin videos!

Hope you all dont forget me!

Epcept Mindayan!

Waddle on!